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Comfort Zone



Building on my last post I’ve decided to further dig into habits.  When I wrote about my comfort zone in my Habits blog, it really struck a cord. What is my comfort zone and why does it take energy to move outside of it?

So I’ll start by sharing that for me, my comfort zone are all those habitual ways I respond to situations, run daily automated patterns in my schedule and the things I do and say that are “typical” responses….. and here’s the magic that is just coming to me as I write…..I would better describe my comfort zone as all the things I do and say where I pay no attention to how my body is responding when I say or do them.   I typically don’t even pause before I say or do something. My comfort zone is that response I give to someone like, “yah, sure I’ll do that” despite me cringing on the inside or thinking “that sounds like a shitty time” but “yah, sure I’ll do that”.  It’s the times I agree with someone or stay silent despite my stomach starting to shake when I really want to disagree or get angry at someone’s rude comment or opinion.  Instead of staying silent when I really want to speak or responding right away when I really am not sure if it is an authentic response versus a habitual response, my goal is to get comfortable with silence and give myself time and space to pay attention to what my body is trying to tell me. After this pause, I can be clear about what exactly I really truely want to say and/or do and than say or do it.  There is genius in this device I flow through and if I allow it, I can move outside of my comfort zone and keep creating a new one!

Cool Beans!